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Kannada Actress Sanya Iyer Has Finished Filming Indrajit Lankesh’s Gauri

<p>The reality series Bigg Boss Kannada OTT brought recognition to Kannada actress Saniya Iyer. With the Indrajit Lankesh-directed flick Gauri, the actress will now make her feature film debut in Kannada. Samarjit Lankesh, the son of Indrajt Lankesh, will make his cinematic debut with this film with the actress. The film’s production has finally wrapped up. Saniya Iyer, the actress, has now released teasers from her dubbing session for the film. It is alleged that the actress is multilingually dubbing the voice of her role in the film. Now, the pictures are going viral. The Kannada series Putta Gowri Maduve featured the actress in her most recent appearance.</p>
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<p>Sanya is seen recording in a sound recording studio in the most recent viral images. The actress stood close to the microphone, put on a headphone, and posed for the camera. Sanya Iyer is shown alongside director Indrajit Lankesh in one of the images. After her dubbing session, the actress updates her fan base. She also expresses gratitude to director Indrajit Lankesh for her understanding and voice acting throughout the recording process. Check out these pictures,</p>
<p>Within the Kannada cinema business, Gauri has been causing quite a stir. The 2017 shooting death of Indrajit’s sister, journalist Gauri Lankesh, is purportedly referenced in the title of the film Gauri. Fans’ curiosity about whether the movie looks into the details of her life or the circumstances surrounding her death has grown as a result of this relationship.</p>
<p>In a July 2017 interview with Vijaya Karnataka Web, Indrajit Lankesh said that the movie has a powerful social message. The rationale for choosing this particular title for the film was not revealed by the director. He did, however, hint that the full meaning of the film’s title would not become clear until after it opens in theaters in 2024.</p>

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