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At CES 2024, Google Unveils Unified Quick Share, Fast Pair for TVs, and Additional Android Updates

<p>Like every other significant tech company, Google is present at CES 2024. During the event on Tuesday, the search engine behemoth revealed a number of changes, including a new method for sharing text, files, and photos across devices. In order to unify Google’s Nearby Share and Samsung’s Quick Share under a single branding, Google and Samsung have partnered to launch Quick Share, a cross-Android file sharing solution. According to the firm, by integrating the services, Android and Chromebook devices now have a default option for peer-to-peer content sharing. In addition, Google is collaborating with manufacturers to make Quick Share a Windows PC pre-installed application.</p>
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<p>With only a single press of an icon, users of Quick Share may see a list of nearby available devices. Naturally, Quick Share will let users adjust privacy settings to choose who may find and transmit files from their Android handset, much like Apple’s AirDrop tool. Current Nearby Share-capable devices will begin receiving the Quick Share functionality in February, according to Google’s blog post outlining its CES plans.</p>
<p>Additionally, Google said that Chromecast with Google TV will enable Fast Pair for Bluetooth accessories starting next month, and other Google TV devices will follow later in the year. With only one touch in pairing mode, Fast link enables users to easily link Bluetooth devices, such as headphones, with Android phones and Chromebook computers. The latest version allows you to easily direct TV audio to Bluetooth speakers or headphones.</p>
<p>Further developments are available about Chromecast. Although casting video from YouTube and other applications to a TV is simple for consumers, Google is extending this feature to new apps. TikTok content may now be cast from phones to Chromecast-enabled devices. According to the firm, casting live footage from the social networking app to the TV is also scheduled for the near future. Additionally, Google is releasing a new casting feature that allows users to project podcasts and music from compatible Pixel phones’ Spotify and YouTube Music applications to a nearby Pixel Tablet in docked mode.</p>
<p>Additionally, Google is promoting greater device compatibility using Matter, their standard for smart home platforms, applications, and gadgets. “Google Home will eventually use LG TVs, a few Google TV models, and other Android TV OS devices as hubs. Thus, adding Matter devices to your home network and controlling them locally with the Google Home app is simple if you own a Nest Hub, Nest Mini, or compatible TV, according to the blog post.</p>
<p>And lastly, Android Auto will also get updates. According to the business, Google Maps will be able to get real-time battery statistics from EVs that are compatible with Android Auto in the next months. This function will estimate charging timeframes, recommend stops along the way, and offer battery estimations when you get to your destination.</p>

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