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The OnePlus Community Sale has begun, with smartphones discounted by more than Rs 17,000 | Details here

<p>OnePlus Community Sale: In celebration of its launch, OnePlus is having a new sale with reduced prices on smartphones and other devices. Given that the firm is selling smartphones, smart TVs, and other electronics, now is the perfect moment to update your gadget or get a Christmas present for yourself.</p>
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<p>According to reports, the Chinese IT company’s Community Sale is providing significant discounts in almost every Indian market category.<br />
The “OnePlus Community Sale” ends when?<br />
There will be significant savings on everything from flagship and high-end smartphones to low-cost smartphones during the Community Sale, which runs until December 17, 2023. Fantastic discounts on high-end smartphones, including the well-known OnePlus 10 series. Customers who buy smartphones from 10 series will be able to save up to Rs 17,000 as of this writing.</p>
<p>Bank deals<br />
Together with flat reductions, the new Community Sale is giving competitive bank offers.</p>
<p>Offer of exchange<br />
OnePlus allows you to take advantage of this deal to save even more money during the sale if you have an outdated smartphone and are prepared to swap it. The buyer will be able to combine all of the deals since they will be able to save a significant amount of money during this sale.</p>
<p>Deal on the OnePlus 10 Pro<br />
During the Community Sale, consumers can get the OnePlus 10 Pro with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage for only Rs 66,999, with an extra discount of Rs 17,000 (via coupon).</p>
<p>In addition, the business would provide clients with a bank discount of up to Rs 5,000. With the exchange offer, you can get the phone for around Rs 32,000, which is a substantially cheaper price.</p>
<p>Additionally, you may get the tablet on an EMI for around Rs 3,248 if you think the price is still too excessive.</p>
<p>The OnePlus 10T 5G smartphone is normally priced at Rs 54,999, but this new bargain will bring down the price to just Rs 12,000 for the gadget. Customers may also take advantage of bank deals to get an extra Rs 5,000 off. Additionally, customers may be able to save up to Rs 32,000.</p>
<p>The device has a 50-megapixel main camera and a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel display.</p>
<p>OnePlus 10R 5G offer<br />
The OnePlus 10R 5G has 8GB of RAM and 1</p>

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