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Embracing New-Age Parenting: B&B Mag and MSocial Host Groundbreaking B&B Show

Location: GOA, INDIA

B&B Mag, the leading publication for creators & brands, has partnered with MSocial, the comprehensive mobile app tailored for today’s busy mom, to host the much-anticipated inaugural B&B Show – an event designed to highlight and celebrate the synergy between innovative brands and mom creators, happened at a beautiful ocean front property, Azule, Goa.

The B&B Show offered attendees an engaging panel discussion featuring renowned motherhood influencers and industry experts. The event was a platform for mothers, influencers, and brands to network, learn and gain insights about the motherhood space. The discussions revolved around the challenges and triumphs faced by mom creators, while also shining a spotlight on brands that actively support and empower mothers.

The event centered on four pivotal discussion topics catered to modern mothers: ‘The Role of Technology in Modern Parenting’, ‘Achieving Work-Life Balance: Tips & Experiences’, ‘Mental Health Awareness for New Mothers’ and ‘Nutrition 101: From Pregnancy to Early Childhood’.

Esteemed panelists, including mom influencers, Harpreeth Suri, Simone Khambatta, Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Ishna Batra, Yuvika Abrol, Nupur Kalra, Sonali Sarkar, Sonal, Payal Narang, Vidya Panicker shared their unique experiences and valuable insights to a captivated audience.

Additionally, the B&B Show provided a platform for leading brands such Timezone, Toycra, Babble Wrap, Galact by Emcure & 9Skin, who demonstrated their commitment to supporting mothers and their families with their innovative products and services

“We’re incredibly proud of how the B&B Show has turned out. It’s wonderful to see how our efforts brought about a fruitful dialogue between powerful mom influencers, innovative brands and engaged audiences at large,” said Swati Jain, Co-Founder at B&B Mag & MSocial. Swati Jain, further adds, “We believe this event, in partnership with MSocial, helps celebrate the modern-day mother’s journey while elevating the brands that are making a real impact in this space.”

Varun Jain, Co-Founder B&B Mag & MSocial further stated, “The B&B Show perfectly aligns with the mission to support, inspire, and empower mothers. We hope that this show will serve as a catalyst for more fruitful collaborations among mom creators and brands, creating a vibrant, thriving community.”

The B&B Show is a significant step towards recognizing the evolution of modern motherhood and the changing dynamics of brand engagement. B&B Mag and MSocial invite media houses to celebrate with them as they look forward to hosting more of such events aimed at uplifting, inspiring, and recognizing the strength of mothers worldwide.

About Brands & Bloggers Mag (B&B Mag)

B&B Mag is a pioneering platform dedicated to bridging the gap between brands and creators. Serving as a unique connector in the industry, the publication streamlines the process of collaboration, empowering both brands and creators to forge meaningful partnerships that drive growth, engagement, and success.

In their ever-growing portfolio, B&B Mag takes pride in showcasing a myriad of stories from diverse sectors – all emphasizing the power of alliance and innovative thinking. Whether profiling a groundbreaking partnership, offering insights into collaboration strategies, or highlighting the achievements of outstanding creators, B&B Mag offers content that resonates with a wide spectrum of audiences.

About MSocial

MSocial is a cutting-edge “super app” designed primarily with mothers in mind. This dynamic platform serves as a comprehensive hub facilitating hassle-free experiences for mothers worldwide. It provides them with access to crucial resources and a supportive community that understands and shares their experiences.

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