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Celebrating Motherhood: MSocial’s Second Mega Event Strikes a Chord with Moms Across the Region

GOA, INDIA,March 14, 2024: MSocial, a comprehensive app designed explicitly for mothers, held its second edition of the much anticipated MSocial Mega Event with noteworthy actor, mom & creator Neelam Kothari Soni as the special guest, in association with B&B Mag in Goa at Purple Martini 2.0. This flagship event, a highlight in the social calendar for moms across the nation, continues to break new ground in empowering mothers and fostering robust networks.

The MSocial Mega Event has served as a vibrant platform where influential personalities, aspirational brands, mom influencers, and local mothers gather to establish a connection and weave the web of a long-term relationship. The latest event drew eminent influencers like Harpreeth Suri, Simone Khambatta, Yuvika Abrol, Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Ishna Batra, Nupur Kalra, Tanya Mehra, Sonali Sarkar, Linda Fernandes, Sulata Mitra, Ankita Kochhar, Vidya Panicker, Payal Narang and more, signifying an immense expansion in perspective, understanding, and mutual growth.

To add to the allure, top-notch brands like Timezone, Toycra, Babble Wrap, 9Skin and Galact by Emcure too participated in the event, extending their synergies to make it a momentous occasion. The collaboration of mom influencers, local mothers, and eminent brands resulted in a constructive confluence, promoting long-term relationships.

Gracing the occasion, Swati Jain, the co-founder of MSocial, said, “Every event and collaboration we engage in is a step towards empowering mothers everywhere. The MSocial Mega Event not only brings together mom influencers and brands but also forms an inexhaustible source of support and inspiration for mommies around the world. This gathering celebrates motherhood and the beauty of seamless connectivity amidst diversity”

The primary objective of the MSocial Mega Event is to facilitate a platform that bridges the gap between local moms and mom influencers, enabling them to interact, share experiences, and collaborate on future projects. The gathering offers an opportunity for these moms to be a part of a growing community that places a premium on mutual support and development.

To make the event more memorable, participants relished their stay at the picturesque Rainforest Villas in Goa. Moreover, an unforgettable after-party was held at the renowned Vamos providing everyone with a chance to unwind and celebrate their fruitful participation in the event.

About MSocial

MSocial is a groundbreaking super app, tailored specifically for mothers across India. Offering contact and information sharing, interactive forums, shopping, educational material, and more, MSocial empowers mothers to create vital connections, gain knowledge, and thrive in their parenting journey.

About Brands & Bloggers Mag (B&B Mag)

B&B Mag is a pioneering platform dedicated to bridging the gap between brands and creators. Serving as a unique connector in the industry, the publication streamlines the process of collaboration, empowering both brands and creators to forge meaningful partnerships that drive growth, engagement, and success.

In their ever-growing portfolio, B&B Mag takes pride in showcasing a myriad of stories from diverse sectors – all emphasizing the power of alliance and innovative thinking. Whether profiling a groundbreaking partnership, offering insights into collaboration strategies, or highlighting the achievements of outstanding creators, B&B Mag offers content that resonates with a wide spectrum of audiences.

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