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Artistry in Play: Blue Bird’s Pioneering Venture in the World of Toys and Games

In a vibrant city known for innovation, Bengaluru, a dynamic startup is making waves with its fresh approach to toys and games. Blue Bird, a design powerhouse founded by the talented duo Rashmi Sudarshan and Vijay Bharadwaj, is not just another player in the market but a harbinger of change. Boasting over fifteen years of experience in teaching architecture and design, this dynamic pair has crafted a unique entrepreneurial journey.


Quality, Sustainability, and Indian Essence


Blue Bird’s commitment revolves around delivering top-notch quality in toys, games, and home décor products, all meticulously designed and manufactured in India. With an unwavering focus on aesthetics, functionality, materials, and packaging, Blue Bird has positioned itself as a torchbearer of innovation in the industry.


Mission: Reducing Screen Time, Fostering Family Engagement


In response to the current challenges where children spend unprecedented time on screens, Blue Bird has a mission – to reduce screen time. Beyond the physical health concerns, the startup recognises the impact on mental health, social interactions, and early-age stress. This issue extends beyond children to impact adults as well.


Diverse Product Range Catering to All Ages


Blue Bird’s diverse product range falls under categories like Art and Craft, aiming to foster “learning by doing.” From ‘Pot Painting’ that simplifies parenthood to ‘Micro Gardening,’ a DIY gardening set promoting active engagement, Blue Bird offers a spectrum of activities. ‘Little Fashioner’ encourages kids to get creative with their belongings, extending beyond apparel.


Innovative Boardless Board Games


Introducing a groundbreaking concept in board games, Blue Bird’s ‘Ranatanthra’ is a strategic conflict game where players create their own board pattern (vyuha). Drawing inspiration from ancient Indian strategic conflicts, ‘Bermuda Triangle/Sheep & the Wolf’ offers a unique 2-in-1 game experience with roots in Indian traditional games.


Constructive Puzzles Igniting Creativity


‘Puzzz,’ a constructional puzzle game, takes creativity to new heights. Construct any desired object, animal, or bird using pins as pillars and oval-shaped coins to bring abstract shapes to life. Handcrafted with care, this game encourages visuospatial ability and imaginative design.

Emphasis on Handwork and Sustainability


The essence of Blue Bird lies in its strong emphasis on handwork. Collaborating with local artisans, Blue Bird’s home décor products, crafted on natural river or pebble stone, are portable and minimal tabletop décor. An eco-conscious approach is evident in their materials, steering clear of plastic and utilizing organic substances like cloth, clay, wood, and paper.


A Promise of Safety and Well-being


When you choose Blue Bird products, you choose safety and well-being. Every item is a testament to the commitment to quality, sustainability, and fostering creativity. Blue Bird is not just a brand; it’s a transformative journey in the realm of toys and games.


Join Blue Bird on this captivating journey – Where Creativity Takes Flight.


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