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Mastering Reinvention: Reinvention Practitioner Mr. Virupakshappa H K – Amazon Best Seller Unleashes a Toolkit for Success and Sustained Personal Growth 

Mr. Virupakshappa H K, a distinguished business leader with a majestic 30+ years of experience in the dynamic field of manufacturing, sales, and marketing, has recently released his book “UNBOXING CREATIVITY: RID Framework to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times”.

The Amazon best-seller is available all over the world, ready to redefine creativity, expanding to business horizons beyond known boundaries!

In this book, the author thoroughly examines concepts such as Creativity, Innovation, and Reinvention, providing deep insights into how these principles can help individuals and businesses navigate turbulent times. 

The focus is on strategies and approaches that enable sustained growth and thriving, even in the face of challenges like volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity within and around industries. 

Moreover, the book extends its analysis to show how these principles can be applied to one’s personal life, highlighting the interconnectedness between professional and private spheres.

The book’s easy-to-follow layout covers creativity elements, tools, and applications, with innovation systems and the RID Framework (Reinvention, Innovation, and Design Thinking). 

It allows readers to navigate freely through topics, regardless of their existing knowledge, making it engaging and sparking ideas for their work or personal life.


The RID (Reinvention, Innovation, and Design Thinking) Framework is the foundation to ensure successful business growth cycles.

The model offers readers a roadmap to navigate the complexities of the business world. Thus, enabling innovative business solutions to ever-evolving disruptions caused by technology or other unexpected events.

The book introduces lesser-known tools like the INSIDE-the-BOX Thinking approach to a challenge in contrast to the widely embraced OUTSIDE-the-BOX thinking approach. It helps overcome fixed mindsets, particularly related to functional or physical structures.

The author navigates through the diverse organizational needs to keep business growth intact.

He highlights the importance of leadership in fostering innovation while maintaining operational efficiency and long-term goals, emphasizing the need for ambidextrous organizations.

The book delves into the “Design Thinking” approach to meet and exceed user’s experiences. He explains how this is possible by addressing stated and implied needs while addressing environmental concerns through the product life cycle with the “Green Design” or DFE (Design for Environment) concepts.

And all this in a simple language that even someone outside the Engineering and Technology realm can easily understand.

Talking about the author, he is more than an engineer or sales leader. Apart from being a Distribution Business Head and Head of Marketing in a leading Multinational Company till recently, currently contributing as Sales Director in a new product portfolio that enhances manufacturing capabilities in India. Mr. Virupakshappa is also a certified Reinvention Practitioner!

Some view him as an Industrial Automation expert, while others see him as a respected thought leader and mentor.

When asked about his vision, the author talked about Reinvention efforts across communities. According to him, we should address and find solutions around the society we live in rather than solving so-called BIG global problems. 

The author suggests that innovation can start by improving the lives of those nearby cost-effectively, rather than focusing solely on global initiatives. These local solutions are easier to implement and benefit everyone involved in the ecosystem, bringing smiles to their faces.

This book takes him one step closer to achieving that vision for society.

This book can make a big difference for readers in various fields like technology, engineering, design, leadership, HR, academia, and business. Whether you’re starting your career or just passionate about applied creativity, this book could be a real game-changer!

In an era where creativity is deemed invaluable, “UNBOXING CREATIVITY” stands out as a necessary read for individuals aiming to flourish in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world.

The book’s straightforward structure, use of examples, and clear language make complex concepts easy to understand without sacrificing depth. It includes thought-provoking quotes from historical and modern leaders, along with practical tips that appeal to both beginners and experts in business and innovation.

Learn more about Mr. Virupakshappa H K and “UNBOXING CREATIVITY” at  

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