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AP’Varnamf: A Journey of Resilience, Learning, and Empowering Small Sellers

Ruby Kashyap, armed with an MBA in Finance & Marketing, embarked on a challenging entrepreneurial journey that began in 2015 with a burning desire to build a successful business. Despite facing setbacks and failures, Ruby’s determination to overcome challenges led to the creation of Apvarnam, an ECommerce platform that aims to support small sellers.

The initial startup in 2015 faced a setback in 2016 due to a lack of practical marketing knowledge. Undeterred, Ruby and her spouse gathered funds, learned from their failures, and restarted their ECommerce venture. The journey involved acquiring knowledge in marketing, photography, navigating business and customer laws, IT constraints, data secrecy, supplier interactions, and resolving trademark issues.

In 2022, they commenced platform development with an agency, only to face another setback six months later when the agency withdrew. Despite the financial losses, Ruby and her team didn’t give up. They restarted development in September 2023 and successfully launched AP’Varnam on November 1, 2023, overcoming IT and delivery challenges.

Ruby’s story is a testament to resilience, as she navigated through obstacles, financial struggles, and the intricacies of the ECommerce business. The journey, marked by continuous learning, led to the realization that struggling is their greatest motivation.

The goal of AP’Varnam is not just financial success but to uplift others. Ruby and her team aim to create a business that supports small sellers lacking resources and knowledge to grow. AP’Varnam provides free marketing support to these sellers, fostering an ecosystem where success is shared with the entire team, including developers, marketing agencies, influencers, designers, suppliers, and employees.

AP’Varnam’s success lies not only in launching the platform but in the journey itself. Ruby and her spouse, coming from tech backgrounds, utilized funds wisely, demonstrating financial acumen and strategic planning. Their story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing that setbacks are stepping stones to success.


As AP’Varnam continues to grow, Ruby’s vision is to build a business that thrives on collaboration and support. The platform’s commitment to aiding small sellers reflects a deeper mission – to create a community-driven ECommerce ecosystem.

For those interested in AP’Varnam, you can visit their website here or download the app on Android and iOS. Connect with them on social media via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ruby Kashyap’s journey with AP’Varnam is not just a story of entrepreneurship; it’s a tale of resilience, continuous learning, and a commitment to uplifting others in the business world.

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