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factoHR launches AI-based features with its software—Making it a turning point in HR Tech.

factoHR, a renowned HRTech company, has announced the suite of AI features in its software, aligning with the ongoing AI revolution. With over 3,500 clientele globally and 2.6 million users, It has consistently demonstrated excellence in addressing and resolving present-day HR challenges, remaining at the forefront of innovation.

For any company to accelerate its growth, a crucial challenge is minimizing its reliance on human resources for tasks such as dealing with employee issues, attracting and screening suitable candidates, and more such non-routine tasks. These tasks require cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, creativity, decision-making, and physical skills that technology has yet to replicate.

Recognizing these challenges, factoHR has made an effort to address these challenges by the infusion of AI technology on its platform.

Anirudh Nagodara, CEO of factoHR, says, “After the launch of ChatGPT, people realized how Generative AI has the capabilities to perform tasks in human ways. Recognizing these abilities of Generative AI, we decided to integrate it into the domain with the biggest need – Human Capital Management!” He further added, ”This innovation aims to streamline HR processes, enabling businesses to focus more on strategic growth and less on administrative tasks.”

factoHR on its HCM platform showcases a comprehensive suite of AI-based features, including factoBot, a chatbot for 24/7 employee assistance, Attendance through Face Verification, and Generative AI for various content generation tasks.

factoBot, also available on mobile, allows employees to access their information and perform various tasks conveniently and interactively, like checking payslips, viewing leave balances, correcting attendance, and many more. This will reduce the burden on HR managers, who otherwise have to spend lots of time answering employee’s queries.

Another feature that is available on the platform is Attendance through Face Verification. Using this feature, employees can mark attendance with their selfies, and their faces will be verified with their registered imaging on the system. This will help prevent any instances of buddy punching and time theft in the organization. This feature will be very beneficial for companies having remote, distributed workforce or those who are unwilling to invest in biometric hardware.

The best thing about the factoHR platform is that it now has a complete suite of Generative AI features that consist of a Job Description Generator, Interview Question Generator, Email Response Generator, Employee Survey Generator, and Policy Generator. These Generative AI features will assist HR in everyday activities like attracting the right candidate for the profile, objectively screening candidates, addressing employee queries, engaging employees, and streamlining critical HR processes.

“By leveraging these Generative AI features, factoHR empowers HR teams to work smarter, ultimately contributing to a more efficient, engaged, and successful organization. This is just the beginning of our big initiative and a part of our innovative spirit. In the future, we will continue to work on AI technology and innovations, adding even more features. And we will always keep moving forward to transform every workplace into a better work habitat.” —Anirudh Nagodara, CEO of factoHR

About Us

factoHR is a cloud-based mobile platform designed to simplify and automate HR operations. With the trust of over 3,500 companies globally, it serves various prominent companies such as Wipro, Bajaj Auto, Siemens, Mercedes Benz, Ti Cycle, BSE, NRRS, and more. The platform offers features like an ESS portal, payroll automation, attendance management, leave tracking, performance evaluation, expense management, and others to streamline HR activities. factoHR has its registered office in Mumbai, a development center in Gujarat, and branches in all major metro cities.

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