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Bharat F&B Con 2024: A Gastronomic Gala – Unveiling Culinary Excellence, Innovation, and Global Celebration!

In the vibrant heart of New Delhi, a culinary spectacle is poised to captivate the senses as Bharat F&B Con 2024, presented by the Six Sigma Group and under the visionary leadership of Chairman Colonel Anurag Trivedi, takes center stage at the NSIC Exhibition Complex, Okhla, New Delhi, on April 6th and 7th, 2024. This two-day extravaganza, unfolding from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, extends a warm invitation to culinary enthusiasts, seasoned professionals, and food connoisseurs alike, promising an unparalleled journey of taste, innovation, and celebration.

Bharat Food & Beverage Convention, curated by the Six Sigma Group, aims to create a culinary world where everyone, from kitchen rookies to seasoned chefs, is celebrated for their love for food. The event strives to bring together food lovers, experts, and businesses to share, learn, and build a global community devoted to the art of food. With a goal to be the heartbeat of culinary enthusiasm, recognizing brilliance, and elevating the culinary world to exciting new heights, Bharat F&B Con 2024 is set to be a culinary extravaganza like no other.

Bharat F&B Con 2024 Highlights

Join us on this extraordinary journey of culinary mastery at this event. Get ready for the day where passion meets perfection, flavors dance in harmony, and the culinary world comes alive. A grand celebration of food and flavors, A culinary event like no other, featuring enchanting sections from the culinary universe.

  1. Young Chef of India
    Nurturing Future Culinary Stars, The Young Chef of India competition invites talents under 25 to showcase their culinary skills. Winners not only feature their recipes in the Colonel’s Club menu but also gain a golden opportunity to kickstart their culinary careers with us.
  2. HomeChef-KO: Unleash Your Culinary Magic

The HomeChef-Ko competition is not just an event; it’s a culinary symphony orchestrating a global celebration of flavors, uniting homemakers, cooks, and food enthusiasts from every corner of the world. In its essence, it stands shoulder to shoulder with the prestigious MasterChef, offering participants a golden opportunity to shine on the culinary stage.

How to Begin Your Culinary Journey:

Your journey towards becoming a culinary expert starts with a simple yet powerful step – share your unique recipe on your social handle. Let the world savor the magic you create in your kitchen. This isn’t just about a competition; it’s a call to showcase the artistry that happens within the heart of your home.

Create a Buzz: The More, The Merrier:

Engage your network; call upon your family, friends, and friends of friends to join in this culinary buzz. The broader the participation, the merrier the experience. Encourage them to support your culinary venture by liking and sharing your recipe. Your kitchen’s magic deserves a global audience.

Top 30 Contestants Take Center Stage:

As the buzz unfolds, the top 30 contestants garnering the most likes embark on a thrilling journey. This is more than a competition; it’s an opportunity for home-based cooks, housewives, and anyone passionate about cooking to showcase their talent on a platform that recognizes and celebrates their culinary expertise.

In a world where every recipe tells a story, HomeChef-Ko provides the canvas, and your culinary magic paints the masterpiece. It’s time to let the world taste the Flavors of your kitchen and turn your passion into a golden ticket for a remarkable culinary journey.

  1. Knowledge Series: Savor the Royal Feast of Culinary Wisdom

Step into a world where culinary wisdom takes center stage – welcome to the Knowledge Series at Bharat F&B Con 2024. Picture a grand banquet where each moment serves as a delectable nugget of knowledge, creating a regal feast for the mind and palate alike. This summit is not just an event; it is a promise of an enriching experience that will tantalize your senses and leave you yearning for an encore of culinary brilliance. Join us in this flavourful journey of discovery, where every discussion is a step towards mastering the art of gastronomy.

Prepare yourself for a culinary sojourn like never before – The Knowledge Series at Bharat F&B Con 2024 beckons. This is not just an event; it’s a regal feast of culinary wisdom, a symphony of Flavors that promises to elevate your understanding of the culinary arts. This summit is more than an assembly of like-minded individuals; it’s a promise of an enriching experience. Attendees will find themselves immersed in a world where culinary brilliance is not just showcased but celebrated.

  1. Colonel Prix Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Hospitality

The Colonel Prix Awards, a constellation of recognition in hospitality excellence with over 70 dazzling categories, reserves a special orbit for young entrepreneurs and culinary students. These rising stars redefine the hospitality cosmos, bringing innovation and fresh perspectives. Young entrepreneurs, trailblazing through boutique accommodations and groundbreaking dining concepts, reshape industry norms. Simultaneously, culinary students showcase their prowess, contributing to the gastronomic landscape’s evolution with creative culinary expressions and sustainability initiatives. The awards acknowledge their pivotal role, ensuring the galaxy of hospitality excellence remains vibrant, dynamic, and forward-thinking.

  1. Grand Trunk Food Fest: A Culinary Extravaganza

Step into a world where flavors converge and business potential is unlocked at the Grand Trunk Food Fest. This event extends a warm invitation to suppliers, vendors, and hospitality establishments from every corner of Pan India, creating a dynamic platform for the hospitality sector.

For those in the food business, this fest is your golden ticket to showcase culinary delights to a diverse audience. It’s not just about B2b interactions; a B2C crowd eagerly awaits, representing a myriad of tastes and preferences.

Imagine your creations being savored by a crowd that appreciates the artistry behind every dish. The B2C perspective adds a layer of direct consumer interaction, allowing you to gauge real-time reactions and preferences, sprinkling crispy excitement and spicy anticipation into every interaction.

This fest is more than just a marketplace; it’s a culinary extravaganza where the marriage of B2B and B2C perspectives creates a unique synergy. It’s about forging connections, leaving a lasting impression, and establishing your brand as a culinary force to be reckoned with.

Whether you’re a supplier looking to expand your network or an establishment ready to showcase your culinary prowess, the Grand Trunk Food Fest invites you to join this culinary celebration. It’s where potential meets opportunity, and every flavor, crispy or spicy, has a chance to shine.

  1. Networking Session/After Party: Elevate Your Culinary Connections

The festivities continue beyond the award ceremony at Bharat F&B Con with an exclusive Networking Session and After Party. It is not just about celebrating success; it’s an opportunity to build meaningful connections within the vibrant culinary community.


Network with Culinary Maestros:
Rub shoulders with industry leaders, seasoned chefs, and culinary enthusiasts. This is your chance to engage in conversations that transcend the ordinary, sharing insights and forging alliances that can shape the future of your culinary journey.

Connect with Award Winners:
Meet and greet the winners of the Colonel Prix Awards. Learn from their experiences, gain inspiration, and maybe even collaborate on future culinary ventures. It’s a unique chance to be in the company of those who have set the bar high in the world of hospitality.

Celebrate Together:
The After Party is not just a conclusion; it is a celebration. Dance, dine, and toast to the successes of the culinary community. It is a moment to unwind, let loose, and revel in the shared passion for all things food.

Exclusive Collaborative Opportunities:
Explore potential collaborations and partnerships in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. The Networking Session and After Party provide the perfect backdrop for discussing future projects, business ventures, and creative endeavors.
This Networking Session and After Party are more than just events; they are an integral part of the Bharat F&B Con experience, creating a space for celebration, collaboration, and the forging of lasting connections.

  1. Sippin Soiree: Public Liquor Testing
    Delve into the Science of Drinks at this unique Public Liquor Tasting event, a mesmerizing exploration of the craft behind the perfect beverage. Organized by the Six Sigma Group, Bharat F&B Con 2024 aims to not only connect businesses and create opportunities but also to honor excellence in the hospitality sector. With a dedicated commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, the Six Sigma Group brings together a tapestry of diverse expertise to ensure that this event becomes a lasting celebration of culinary brilliance.

Unraveling the Science of Drinks:
Sippin Soiree is your passport to exploring the intricate science that goes into creating your favorite drinks. From the balance of flavors to the art of mixing, this event promises to unravel the secrets of mixology in an interactive and engaging setting.

Unique Public Liquor Tasting:
This is not your ordinary tasting event; it’s a unique opportunity for the public to savor and understand the nuances of various beverages. Whether you are a connoisseur or just starting your journey into the world of drinks, this session caters to all palates.

Crafted by Experts:
Organized by the esteemed Six Sigma Group, Sippin Soiree is curated by experts who are passionate about bringing innovation to the forefront of the culinary and hospitality sector. It is an event where every sip tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication.

Connecting Businesses and Creating Opportunities:
Beyond the delightful drinks, Bharat F&B Con 2024, under the banner of the Six Sigma Group, is dedicated to connecting businesses, creating opportunities, and honoring excellence in hospitality. This event is a celebration of culinary brilliance, a convergence of diverse expertise aimed at shaping the future of the industry.

For those eager to be part of this exceptional culinary extravaganza, more information awaits at Feel free to connect with us at +91-96670 40625 or drop us a mail at . Join us as we unravel the secrets behind the art of mixology and embark on a sensory journey into the world of crafted beverages.

Bharat F&B Con 2024 Highlights Revisited

  1. Young Chef of India: Nurturing the Future of Culinary Stars
  2. HomeChef-KO: Unleash Your Culinary Magic
  3. Knowledge Series: Savor the Royal Feast of Culinary Wisdom
  4. Colonel Prix Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Hospitality
  5. Grand Trunk Food Fest: A Culinary Extravaganza
  6. Networking Session/After Party: Elevate Your Culinary Connections
  7. Sippin Soiree: Unveiling the Art of Mixology

In conclusion, Bharat F&B Con 2024 is where passion meets perfection, flavors dance in harmony, and the culinary world comes alive. Join us on this extraordinary journey of culinary mastery and be part of a celebration that recognizes brilliance, elevates the culinary world, and creates a global community devoted to the art of food.

Thank you for being part of Bharat F&B Con 2024 – where culinary excellence meets innovation!

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