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Importing of Used Tyres from Asian Exporter of Singapore origin & guidelines with prices

A Guide from Used Tyre Exporter from Singapore Explaining the Tyre Specifications & Code. One can view the size of a tyre on its sidewall as on the tyre markings. Understanding as to what the different numbers mean, one can see that it is very easy to understand the tyre specifications. The mixture of letters and numbers: “225/45 R 17 91W”. We have broken down each section in the following table, explaining what each number/letter means:

Courtesy To the Singapore Used Tyres Webpage – Tyre Specifications & Code below is very useful info for the importer of used tyres specifically from African and Caribbean’s countries where they usually import used tyres in bulk for reuse.

Tyre Sidewall Explained in details below. Sidewell Marking > Explanation:

225 MEANS Width of the tyre in millimetres

45 MEANS Height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width. In this case 55% of 205mm. Also know as the aspect ratio.

R MEANS Radial Construction

17 MEANS The diameter of the tyre’s inner rim in inches

91 MEANS Load Rating of the Tyre. In this case its 615kg

W MEANS Speed Rating. Indicates the maximum speed for the tyre when at full load. In this case 168 mph.

Tyre Markings: The writing on the tyres can be confusing. The sidewall of typical tyre is imprinted with myriad codes and numbers that are used to identify the size and physical features of that tyre as well as details relating to its manufacture. Many of these tyre markings are of little or no importance to the driver while others are essential when it comes to choosing a replacement tyre. If you are looking for new tyres you should familiarize yourself with the following tyre markings.

Price Guide for Used Tyres Export from Singapore:

Singapore Used Tyres Exports usually offer got the Mix of USED QUALITY TYRES from 15 inch to 18 inch sizes with very little supply of 14 inch. Available brands for Used Tyres Export from Singapore are – Goodyear, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Han kook, Kumko, Firestone, Toyo, Dunlop etc.

Usually a 20ft container takes about 600 pcs in single packing but doubling or tripling pacakge package can take from 1,200 to 1,500 pcs easily. But a 40ft container will load a minimum of 1,200 pcs in single pack and upto 3,000 pcs in double or triple packing. Doubling & Tripling packaging means normally 14” tyre is packed inside 15” and 15’’ will be packed in 16”. However at the importer/buyer’s end, upon receiving the doubling tyres, they would need to separate them out. Average price for export quality of good re-usable used tyres from Singapore is about USD 10/- per pc based on FOB terms. DOUBLING of tyres is very laborious process and it will cost extra USD 1/- per pc. If we do Doubling than we can pack 1,200 pcs in 20ft and 3000 pcs in a 40ft container.

Populer Used Tyres Exports in below given specs…

15 Inch: 195/65R15, 205/65R15, 195/50/R15, 195/55/R15, 185/65/R15, 195/60/R15

16 Inch: 205/55R16, 205/60R16, 205/65R16, 215/65R16, 225/55R16, 215/60R16

17 inch: 215/45R17, 225/45R17, 235/45R17, 215/50R17, 215/55R17, 225/50R17, 225/55R17

18 Inch: 225/40R18, 225/45R18, 235/40R18, 245/40R18, 225/50R18, 225/55R18, 225/60R18, 235/50R18, 235/55R18, 245/45R18, 235/60R18

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