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NECTAR for Living Forever Healthily!

Life coach and Management Guru, Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri, the Honorary Director of IIPM Think Tank has been writing on Living Forever for over 15 years. His latest lecture series is based on his concept of NECTAR for Healthy Living, a concept he also wrote in details in his 2019 Bestselling Book, ‘Beyond God & Capitalism’.


A fitness addict and a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kick Boxing, he believes the key role of medical science is to eliminate diseases & soon make Humans almost live forever. The new borns today are certain to live beyond 130-150 & those of us around 50 today, should be living at least 100.


Arindam says, “Longevity revolves around the essential principles of resilience, exercise, nutrition, tests, avoiding addiction & prioritizing rest”. 


He calls it the “NECTAR” for Healthily Living. 


So what does NECTAR stand for?


Arindam explains, “Never give up!” – the bold mantra written in his gym – isn’t just motivational. Positivity reduces dementia, enhances mental health and scientifically contributes to a 5-15% longer life.


“Exercise”, is absolutely non-negotiable for health. There are 5 kinds of training that consist a good exercise regimen. 


>Strength Training, especially as you age, is paramount. 


>High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)/Cardio ensures a robust heart and optimal VO2Max. 


>Balance Training through step exercises, some yoga postures (mine comes from Kick Boxing) prevents/reduces impacts of falls as we age.


>Endurance Training, like 10k steps daily, enhances focus & ability to do long durations of physical activity. 


>Flexibility Training—the only real scientifically linked benefit of yoga—is a vital aspect of overall fitness.


“Calorie” restriction & extreme consciousness is the most crucial aspect of healthy living. While exercise is for fitness, it’s ONLY calorie restriction that helps reduce weight and keep your BMI optimal. Eat minimally, treating food as medicine to avoid taking medicines as food in later life. Eat nutrition rich foods—5/7 portions of vegetables/fruits daily totalling to 30 plants weekly (ie fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and whole grains). Add enough fibres, leafy greens to increase prebiotics. Restrict eating to 6-8 hrs, minimize sugar & milk, eliminate aerated drinks, fruit juices & processed foods and limit wheat, rice, pasta, bread, & cakes. Prioritize omega-3 rich foods. As you get near 40, don’t go by the 1800 calorie rule. Unless you are heavily into strength training, a 1200-1400 calorie nutritious diet would soon suffice. 


“Tests” at regular intervals ensure early detection & prevention of health issues, specially of types of cancers your diet & exercise might fail to prevent. Aiming to maintain ApoB around 60-90, is pivotal for combating atherosclerosis— the number 1 killer disease globally. Monitor VitD and B12 levels and assess bone health with low-radiation Dexa scans.


“Addiction” avoidance is critical. From cigarettes to alcohol, they contribute significantly to atherosclerosis, cancer & diabetes. Reducing or eliminating these is scientifically proven to increase lifespan.


“Rest” is most vital. Ensure 7 hrs of quality sleep nightly. Prioritizing rest is the key pillar of a healthy lifestyle.


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